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In digital times, when the availability and sheer mass of music tends to bury you like an avalanche and the diversity does not inspire, but distract, DECENT PAINT BOX stick to their roots and tell their own story. A story wrapped in the musical fusion of alternative rock, post-hardcore and emo core garnished with selectively dosed synths. Their music crosses the borders of known genres, yet transports a certain familiarity with bands from the rock/alternative/emo scene of the early 2000s. Rich guitar riffs ‚that draw you in and take hold of your body‘, driving beats and a ‚sublime‘ mix of clean vocals and shouts. (Quotes: BeautyRockFusion)

Since their reunion in 2013, replete with enthusiasm and commitment, DECENT PAINT BOX began to write a novel and tell this story in their music. This lead to the release of their first concept album A GLIMPSE OF HOPE in summer 2015, which was successfully funded by a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo. The album tells the story of two brothers that are confronted with dramatic incidents and discover a gate to a fantastic world, called Memoria.’Starting off with punchy, visceral and dramatic songs, the album slowly progresses and exhibits great aptitude in their instruments and playing style, a genuine ear for music, layering sounds, the effects of timing, vocal and musical phrasing and harsh vocal techniques.’ (Quotes: seeka reviews)

12 years ago, Decent Paint Box shared a stage for the first time and gained their first experience along side bands like DIE KAUM UNGLAUBLICHEN, AVID* and ILEUS. After one demo album and another EP, the band split up in 2005, providing the band members with the opportunity to strike a new path and develop further. During the last 2 years, DPB played with bands like ICARUS THE OWL, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES, CALLEJON, SKYWALKER, ABOVE THE UNDERGROUND, and THE OCEAN SCREAMS. 2016 will feature a new release and more beautifully executed music videos. Make sure to follow these guys straight to wonderland!

A Glimpse Of Hope

01. Prolouge

02. The Rightful King

03. Originator Unknown

04. The Suffering

05. Long Way Home

06. Dead | Gone | Silence

07. It's Written In The Stars

08. Ivory Gate

09. A Feast For The Arival

10. Fear Is For The Fearful



Upcoming Shows

20.01.2017 · tba · tba

Infos folgen | + tba

10.12.2016 · Witten · Time To Bang Your Head

19:00 Uhr | Treff Witten | + tba

19.11.2016 · Oberhausen · Hardcore Holten

19:00 Uhr | Emscherdamm | + DIRTY D' SIRE, This Heals Nothing, The World Stops Moving

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11.08.2016 · Oberhausen · Olgas Rock Warm Up Party

20:00 Uhr | Druckluft | + Smile and Burn, Hotel Energie Ball













We know our fears and stand against / the darkness / the darkness / we are conscious we are one / I’m one / we are the guard / we are trained / we are aware / and we’re not afraid / we are conscious we are one / I’m one / we are the guard

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